Complete full DC, and complete, fully balanced amplifier with no negative feedback, made possible by our innovative technology.
exceptionally high in transparency, low in colouration
TBC-Zero has achieved a truly natural sound.

Product Features

Eradication of sound deterioration factors
No emitter resistors
Revolutionary circuit technology that guarantees stable operation without any emitter resistors* Specially developed duplex temperature compensation Meticulously tested and matched transistors

Newly developed differential DC servo circuit
The circuit with a flat response from DC to high frequencies assures a stable operation of the non-feedback amplifier. This results in no group delay from DC to 500kHz and high coherency.

Large-capacity power circuit
Specially developed hand-wound flat-coil transformers with EI core that have very low magnetic flux density

Ideal chassis design and component composition

Painstaking arrangement of components and wiring for the elimination of noise and vibration


Maximum output power: 10Vrms
Frequency response: DC to 500kHz (-3dB)
Circuitry: Fully balanced DC with no feedback
Amplifier: FET and bipolar transistors
Input terminal: Cannon 3P connector (balanced) x4;
Input impedance: 7.2-17.2kΩ(balanced)
Output impedance: 3Ω (balanced)
Gain: 12dB approx.
Distortion: 0.02% max./ 20Hz - 20kHz at 5V rms output
Additional feature: Circuit breaker for power switch

  General Information

Colour: Silver or Japanese lacquered black (special order)
Body: Aluminum
Power requirement: AC100/117V 50/60Hz, 45W
Size: 346 x 200 x 425mm (13.62 x 7.87 x 16.73inches)
Weight: 30kg approx. (661lbs approx.)
Handcrafted in Japan only with specially selected Japan-made parts

  Information correct as of January 2010. All specifications are subject to change without notice

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